Free Vacation Night
First 200 tickets sold
The first 200 tickets sold, will win a free 1 night vacation stay in one of the Fantasy Homes in San Miguel Allende, Mexico
Lottery draw
Give Away Excitment
A winner will be drawn for the Dr. Seuss House once ticket sales for the lottery have reached or exceeds.
About San Miguel
A Beautiful Colonial town
San Miguel is a truly magical very safe Expat artist community of 20k Americans/Canadians, located North of Mexico city in the mountains.
Remodelling your home?
Contact Krazyhomes
Integrating some organic designs to your existing house? Take a look at the KrazyHomes design site, and contact Steven Rude for more information on redesigning and integrating some fantasy to your home.
Valued at $125
Fantasy Home Designer
Designing for Krazyhomes
The Dr. Seuss house was designed by a 3D special
 effects designer, Steven Rude. Steven has worked on many films and TV commercials. His recient projects, working on 2 Harry Potter Films, for IMAX.
San Miguel is Travel & Leisures #1 winner. Best city to travel to in the world, 2017.
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San Miguel Map
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