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The beautiful Dr. Seuss House, located in famous San Miguel, Mexico
Travel & Leisure’s #1 Winner for best city in the world 2017
Free Vacation Night
First 200 tickets sold
The first 200 tickets sold, will win a free 1 night vacation stay in one of the Fantasy Homes in San Miguel Allende, Mexico
Lottery draw
Give Away Excitment
A winner will be drawn for the Dr. Seuss House once ticket sales for the lottery have reached or exceeds.
About San Miguel
A Beautiful Colonial town
San Miguel is a truly magical very safe Expat artist community of 20k Americans/Canadians, located North of Mexico city in the mountains.
Remodelling your home?
Contact Krazyhomes
Integrating some organic designs to your existing house? Take a look at the KrazyHomes design site, and contact Steven Rude for more information on redesigning and integrating some fantasy in to your home.
Valued at $125
Fantasy Home Designer
Designing for Krazyhomes
The BatCasa and Dr. Seuss house were designed by a 3D special effects designer, Steven Rude. Steven has worked on many films and TV commercials. Steven has worked on 2 Harry Potter Films, for IMAX, Senior designer for Mike Holmes, 'Holmes Makes it Right' show. He has also taught 3D design and animation in China and India
San Miguel is Travel & Leisures #1 winner. Best city to travel to in the world, 2017.
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San Miguel Map
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