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Curves to your Home
Designing with curves is an organic journey. The curves can be exotic and sexy, to forms that are fun and whimsical. The model homes in the videos, show case the exotic curves of the BatCasa, and playful sculpted forms in the Dr. Seuss House.
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When we are designing your home: We can incorporate subtle, less dramatic sculpted forms to accent and enhance your existing design style. Designing with curves, is a big leap into the unknown for most people. That is why I suggest starting off with a smaller interior design project.
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The BatCasa and Dr. Seuss house were designed by a 3D special effects designer, Steven Rude. Steven has worked on many films and TV commercials. Steven has worked on 2 Harry Potter Films, for IMAX, Senior designer for Mike Holmes, 'Holmes Makes it Right' show. He has also taught 3D design and animation in China and India
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